Youth Program

The Knights will officially start competing in the Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF) this upcoming Winter.

The Knights

The objective of the KWA's youth program is to develop body-awareness, agility, and confidence among all age groups. The 5-10 year-olds will be introduced to the framework of wrestling through mild exercises that paint a broad picture of the nature of the sport and practice these concepts through fun instructional games. The 11-14 year-olds will direct their focus towards preparing for the next level - high school. This includes establishing routines through technique-specific training, exercising patience and persistence through challenging experiences that mirror the real-world, and demonstrating respect under all circumstances to their peers and instructors.

The Federation

Founded in 1966, the Federation brings over 1,800+ wrestlers together to grow the sport of wrestling. Unfortunately, children in pre-school are not permitted to participate. All competition will be within the designated age groups, which are broken down into the following:

  • 6 & Under - "Bantams"
  • 8 & Under - "Midgets"
  • 10 & Under - "Juniors"
  • 12 & Under - "Intermediates"
  • 14 & Under - "Seniors"

Training for the league officially begins in November and culminates in a tournament at the end of February. All events will run on Sundays. Practices will be divided into two sessions based on the age groups (Bantam-Juniors & Intermediates-Seniors). 

Learn more about the Federation by visiting their homepage: